"memory," Lucille Clifton


ask me to tell how it feels
remembering your mother’s face
turned to water under the white words
of the man at the shoe store. ask me,
though she tells it better than i do,
not because of her charm
but because it never happened
she says,
no bully salesman swaggering,
no rage, no shame, none of it
ever happened.
i only remember buying you
your first grown up shoes
she smiles. ask me
how it feels.

→ 2014 Walk MS - Washington, D.C.: Ms. Trisha Pilgrim - National MS Society

Then and now

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when i was 8 i drew this comic about two girls kissing and my mom was out raged and i thought it was because my art wasn’t good enough so i kept trying to draw girls kissing and she sent me to therapy and my therapist tried explaining homosexuality to me and i didn’t even know what that had to do with my art skills


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→ 2014 Walk MS - Washington, D.C.: The Supremes - National MS Society
→ What Do Dress Codes Say About Girls’ Bodies?



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“you’re here to learn” I’m here because it’s the fucking law

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luv it when U call me big pasta

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Solange Knowles

Lets not sleep on Solange my Fashion Junkies!

To people she is just Beyoncé sister. To me this is the lady I like to call PQ (Print Queen), she is definitely my top 5 fashion icons. Always looking fab in what she wears, can pull of any prints/pattern outfit; even when it doesn’t compliment each other she makes it work! I guess confidence is key Fashion Junkies.

-Kisses G.

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Emma Thompson: too fabulous for the oscars.

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